For Parents

For Parents

We would like to welcome all of you to Desert Ridge High School! It is certainly going to be an exciting and memorable year for everyone. The staff expects to continue the traditions of high standards and expectations that both the Gilbert Unified School District and the Desert Ridge High School Band Program have already set forth.

The high school band is a unique musical experience. Students in the Gilbert Unified School District are very fortunate to be offered the chance to participate in such high quality band programs. The success of the band depends on the contribution of each member. This situation makes musical organizations unique from many other high school classes.

To ensure the success of the band program, certain rules, expectations, and areas of responsibility must be set. This handbook outlines these areas and will aid in the student’s personal rewards and satisfaction in participating in the band program.

It is very important that each parent and student read every page of the DRHS Band Handbook Click here ) .

When you have done so, please print ( if necessary ), sign, date and return the following:

  • Statement of Understanding/Permission to Participate ( Sent home with student or Click here  )
  • GPS Activities Clearance form ( Sent home with student )
  • Emergency Consent  ( Click here )
  • Uniform Checkout
  • Student Information Form ( Click here and submit form from link) 

The student information form will be used to keep you up to date with current band activities and so you can indicate to us if you are interested in becoming an active member in the parent organization.

Also take a minute to read through the Tax Credit Form. This is a great way to help the band program at no extra cost to you!

We are very excited to be here at Desert Ridge and working with all of you! It is going to be a great year! If you have any questions, concerns or a hard copy of the forms, please feel free to contact me.


DRHS Band Calendar Dates

Click here to open a schedule of Band events for the year.  All dates are subject to change.


DRHS Band Forms/Information

All of the above links along with other important band forms and information can be found at .

( All links should bring up a separate window in Google Docs. Only the Student Information Form is able to be submitted directly.  All others need a signature on file with the band director.  )


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