Support the Band

Support the Band

band2For more than 10 years, the Desert Ridge High School Marching Band has been considered one of the finest marching bands in the state. They have won numerous local and state honors and have recently been selected to represent the State of Arizona in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade. Each year this honor goes to one high school marching band from each of the eight states with ships moored at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

The process of high performance preparation requires the students and educators to spend countless hours in rehearsals, small and large group instruction and all the while practicing individually. Research has shown that the self-discipline and individual determination needed to perform at a high level are traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits, which lead to a lifetime of effective study and work habits.

The level of high performance maintained over the years by the Desert Ridge High School Marching Band requires expenditures that are expensive and necessary. The funds raised go towards paying for group travel, consultants and professional staff to work with students, uniforms, entry fees, program fees, insurance, music scholarships, and so much more.

While it is a tremendous honor to be selected to honor those who gave their lives aboard the USS Arizona and represent the State of Arizona, this honor comes with a significant increase in cost to the students and the program as a whole. With your sponsorship, the Desert Ridge Band Parent Organization will continue to support each and every student who wishes to participate. With your contribution, the boosters may operate from a consistent budget and help provide the necessary funds to successfully support the student musicians’ pursuit of Excellence.

The attached advertising and benefits schedule shows multiple levels of donations/ sponsorships all with commensurate benefits. I hope you will take a few minutes to review the enclosed donor benefits and be ready to take steps to support the Desert Ridge High School Marching Band!

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